The ethical choice

With our eye on the environment and the future, we believe manufacturers in Brazil and around the world must operate in a sustainable and ethical way.  Unlike many other flip flop and sandal brands in Brazil, Ipanema products do not use rubber from the Amazon rainforest. 

Social Responsibility is at the heart of our philosophy.  Leading by example, Ipanema adopts the following social and environmental practices:



Brazil is home to one of the most important environments on Earth. Protecting and sustaining this natural habitat is key to all Ipanema practices.


100% recyclable

All products are made from 100% recyclable PVC, a material that may be recycled again and again, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Did you know?


57% of PVC is made from chlorine, which is derived from sea salt that is abundant on Earth

99% recycled

99% of industrial waste created by the factories is recycled or reused

Injection moulded

Mould-injection technology results in minimal waste, unlike rubber flip flops


Ipanema is constantly investing in new patented materials and technologies to deliver the most ethical products


Ipanema have recently installed a recycling plant for human waste to be processed into fertiliser

Happy local girl

Workplace & community

We are committed to helping improve the lives of employees and the local community. This focus ensures a positive future and sustainable future for the Ipanema brand.

Ethical factory

Did you know?

We only produce Ipanema footwear at our own factories in the north of Brazil. Supporting the local economy, and keeping a close eye on all work conditions is key to Ipanema’s success.

Employees enjoy

Social inclusion

Social inclusion work for persons with special needs


Partnerships with non-profit institutions that provide motivation towards environmental education and preservation


Rigid execution of the Brazilian Employment Law including not employing people under 16


Wages above the minimum set by Brazilian Employment Law

Health benefits

Health benefits and further education opportunities for their families

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